Saturday, 8 February 2014

Floods and storms ... salt and sugar, and all things nice at the Caviar House ...

I would love my mother to still be alive as she would totally engage in the West Country flooding we are having ... quite extraordinary events ... she would recall stories from her parents' times let alone her 90+ years. 

Looking east towards Newlyn from outskirts of
Penzance - showing breach into Newlyn Green
c/o Adam Gibbard and Daily Mail

When she lived in Newlyn she was always out helping in the community ... there were local floods from excess rain and storms ... but nothing like those we're having now ... 

Walking on Penzance Prom in 1910 - by
an unknown artist

This is what the storms have done this year  ... while here’s a similar postcard dated 1910 ...

Penzance Seafront - c/o Daily Mail

In my M post during last year’s A-Z “M is forMother of the Sea” I included this artwork of Penzance Promenade looking eastwards, away from Newlyn, where my mother lived  ... I’m not sure who painted it ... but the postcards are always available.

Newlyn Village - the seas broached the harbour,
crashing through into the village
c/o BBC Alan Dwan
I’ve practically always driven down to Penzance ... as I’ve been driving for more years than I care to remember ... but on occasions took the train and it was a treat in someways ...

However this sight for sore eyes is one I’ve never seen before: the remains of the railway line’s sea-wall and embankment at Dawlish, after they were torn away by the storm-waves ... the line itself left in animated suspension ... looking, to me, like a rope bridge ...

"The Rope Bridge" - Dawlish
This is the main line from London to Cornwall ... one of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s (1806 – 1859) innovative early railway lines (1830s) ... described in Wikipedia:

Dawlish - picturesque railway
line along the seafront

the line is noted as one of the most memorable stretches of track in Britain for its natural beauty, although at a very high cost to Network Rail, as it is one of the most expensive lines to maintain due to the continual battle with sea erosion. 

One storm in 1974 washed away much of the westwards platform in the station and a storm in February 2014 brought down the sea wall and washed away a section of the railway line leaving the track suspended in mid-air”.

I think I prefer my descriptive term of a rope bridge ... but someone has been pretty quick off the mark updating Wikipedia.

Somerset Levels - this land has been underwater
for over a month
  c/o Harvey Hook HotSpot Mediaand the Daily Mail
We are really are being deluged by rain, storms, winds all leading to major damage ... it is now so bad, they can’t pump the water out because the ground is already bubbling water up through the tarmac, people’s houses etc ...

It is unprecedented ... though I’m sure back in aeons of time it’s happened before ... but I feel for those who’ve been flooded x number of times already and probably will be again this weekend ... and those in this last week who’ve had to move their animals ... in some cases to slaughter ...

L and I enjoying our time
at the Caviar House

... however there is nothing that can be done about the jet stream as it stays stuck ... two years ago, when all it did was seem to snow, I wrote about our weather ... so should you wish to know more about the jet stream – this was when we had snow, rather than torrents of rain.

This, we are told, is likely to continue for at least another couple of weeks – please move away jet-stream ... it is just devastating ...

... yet at the same time there's a positive: palaeontologists have been able to explore, photograph, record new fossils and clues from the rock falls, buried forests or 800,000 year old footprints ... 

Selfie with God-mother!

... the seas will once again cover exposed forests and footprints ... but wonderful they've been seen ... leading to a greater understanding of those areas of coast.

Life can take funny turns ... there was a flood at Victoria Station in one of London Underground’s busiest Tube lines ... there were delays ... logical with all the rain we’ve been having ...

Wet Concrete in signalling room
c/o Evening Standard
However think again ... it was wet concrete that had been poured into an escalator void bursting through into the main signalling room next door – 

‘Any worker worth their salt knows you have to be very careful with these materials.  It’s bog standard stuff.’

But they needed sugar ... thankfully someone had some sense ...  there was a run on sugar from the local supermarkets to throw on – as that stops concrete from setting as quickly - why or how ... I don't know!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this story!  Mistakes are made ... but ...

So from us, who stay dry and safe, just inconvenienced at times from the floods or delays – I say cheers!

PS - just to make matters worse .. thieves are targeting 'abandoned' farms and houses .... stealing fuel, farm equipment, etc   People really are despicable.

Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters Inspirational Stories 


  1. It is so windy here today, Hilary and when the rain comes down it lashes. We are a couple of miles from the sea so no flooding near our house but at the moment there seems no end in sight to the stormy weather. My brother lives in Penzance and says the promenade is a no go area at the moment.

  2. You're right - looting is despicable, Hilary. I, too, feel for the people of Somerset. Some people have been in these conditions since before Christmas, and it seems that at last the government is taking notice.
    The Victorians were probably aware of floods since they dredged, built bridges, sewers and railway lines they knew how to take care of.
    Good photos and lovely family.

  3. Unfortunately we have looting over here sometimes following flooding disasters or other types of natural disasters. Sad when it happens.

  4. Mother Nature can be brutal! I hope it dries up soon. It's so sad that people loot and take advantage of such situations.

  5. I hope that you guys are able to pick up and repair. Floods are some times very brutal and leave a lot of damage.
    I feel bad when looting goes on after a natural disaster. It is like a double whammy.
    I say "CHEERS!" to you as you have always been an inspiration in good times and bad.

  6. How devastating the floods can be. And on top of that, having thieves break into abandoned homes is even more horrible... I do love the pictures of you with family and friends though... and I didn't know the trick with sugar and concrete...that might come in hand one day. Who knows? Stay safe. (:

  7. @ Suzanne - I tried to go out and 'hit' a hail storm, so went back in! The wind is pretty hair-raising too ... Glad you're safe though.

    I must catch up with friends in Pz sometime .. I feel and 'fear' for them ... they have enough difficulties down there ... Thanks for letting me know about the closing of the prom ...

    @ Fanny - yes the added hassle, no wonder some people don't want to leave their properties ...

    I think it looks like it's too late - but at least these floods will have driven home the need for people to get the maintenance sorted out for future years (I hope) ...

    The Victorians learnt from the past as well as with their new innovations (- they also built for the future, which is why we're still able to use most of their infrastructure) ... the people of the land know what needs to be done .. they've been preserving it for centuries.

    @ Keith - it seems people are always ready to take advantage ... it is so unfair ...

    @ Holly - I hope it recedes and then dries up .. perhaps there is a silver lining somewhere. Mother Nature is being brutal this year ..

    @ Munir - the service agencies are doing what they can ... and there will be loads of work to be done in the coming months ...

    Thanks for your words of support, Munir - much appreciated ...

    @ Elise - we really are being battered ... but the thefts and vandalism are appalling: I hope they get caught.

    Thanks re the photos .. we had a fun time (as you can see!) ...

    I was fascinated by the sugar trick with the wet concrete .. and as you say it might come in handy one day ... I'd quite like to try it out though - that's unnecessary I guess!

    Cheers to you all .. we've had hail, blasting wind, deluges ... it is just never ending .. Hilary

  8. You really are having a time of it in Britain. We are not hearing much about it on the news, I guess the Olympics is taking up too much space. I do sympathise with those who are affected and hope the jet stream will buzz off soon.

    Looting is despicable.

  9. Britain is having a hard time of it this winter. My in-laws live near Bristol and talk about the flooding, and from afar I see pictures of my old home lashed by storms. Living with the Atlantic was always rough, but it seems harsher and more prolonged this year. If the climate scientists have got it anywhere near right, I think we can expect more of this in years to come :(

  10. I've been inside all day, but checking the forecasts and watching my local area pop up in photos on Twitter. My thoughts are with everyone who is really suffering at the moment - I'm lucky to be having mild inconveniences.

  11. It's like a hurricane took out the road and train tracks. Some serious storms.

  12. Goodness, you are having a trying time! On the other side of the world where I live, Southern Oregon Coast in the Northwest United States,we are enjoying the driest winter yet, so much so that some places have been declared Federal Emergency Areas, places in California for instance where delivery of water will be curtailed severely due to drought.

    We're all in for difficult times. I'm predicting higher utility costs and higher food costs as well.

  13. It rained last night and most of today. It's chilly and damp. I'm glad Willy Dunne Wooters has stopped by to keep me warm.


  14. What horrible weather! Oh, but my heart ached . . . I've dreamed of that train ride. Your weather has been in the news (as has the heat in Australia), along with the waves of storms that keep hitting us. British friends email that it seems like there's no end to the rain . . . We have looting here at times. It's as though the social order is breaking down.

  15. I had heard about the terrible flooding, though there's been essentially no reporting of it over here. Weather sure can be nasty to us at times.

  16. love the selfies! :) The Caviar House sounds like a lot of fun. yum!

    What a soggy mess! Want some of our snow? :)

  17. @ Jo - the rain is being incessant, but the wind too .. I think it's been going on for 'so long' (since before Christmas) that it's old news now .. still it's very miserable for many.

    @ Ian - you're right about the harsher and prolonged elements of this weather. I'm glad your in-laws are safe .. but the weather is dominating our lives, and I expect the conversations between your wife and her parents ...

    Sadly it looks like you might be right .. it's been raging all night .. and there's been lots more damage.

    @ Annalisa - I'm glad you're safe in the west country, but your area is going to feel stretched in the coming weeks with the train connections being cut off ...

    Good on you for thinking it's only mild inconveniences .. it's the way we look on things isn't it - as you say others are really suffering ...

    @ Alex - well thankfully we haven't had a hurricane, but it must be very nearly like it in places. Last night was bad ...

    @ Rosaria - I'd heard about your drought conditions .. and that could be very difficult to overcome. Unfortunately many things are going to cost more - utility costs and particularly food costs too ... we'll need to support others in the community.

    @ Janie - well I'm glad you're now warm and safe ..

    @ Kittie - the Dawlish ride was very special - they're talking about moving the line inland ... they closed the obvious route about 50 years ago - that was an alternative!

    I've been aware of the Australian heat, and the snow ... the weather is just plain unpredictable at the moment ...

    Your comment 'it's as though the social order is breaking down' - really points the finger at our society ... a few make matters so much worse for so many in incremental ways ...

    @ Mike - I think you've had your own challenges with the ice-storms and slow, then drought in the west ... The Weather is telling us - this is how it can be ... and you don't have control ...

    @ Betsy - thanks re the photos .. and our time at the Caviar House was a great success ...

    No thanks - I'll leave the snow out .. but actually there is some around today! It is exceptionally soggy ...

    Thanks everyone .. I know we all get exceptional weather, but at times it's worth writing about it here for the memory bank that is the blog! I knew this weekend's weather was going to top my post .. and it has ... more serious incidents are occurring all the time ... Hilary

  18. It is really dreadful for people in the West Country. My heart goes out to them. We are also having terrible wind and rain, but luckily we have good defences and water management systems here in the flatlands.

  19. Flooding can be devastating for the area. I hope it soon abates for the people who are suffering. It sounds like you gained your love of history from your mom. My mother too could relate incidents from long ago with dates, details and people-- something I used to take for granted when I was young but now that I find myself forgetting even peoples' names I really value that gift she had and I miss it. I never realized until she was gone how often I'd "just ask Mother"-- she was like a walking encyclopedia of our family's past. I like your picture, Hilary! Nice to see you :)

  20. Hilary, you know Penzance sounds so romantic to me. All the books I've read where it was featured. And now this, it's just terrible. And I wish it was more fairly distributed, we got some rain, but only 3/4 or an inch so far. The sugar was interesting.

  21. @ Val - they are suffering so much .. there's no fishing either. Your defences are really good ... but I think that would be difficult here .. as much of the coast has been affected - NSE and West ... and now the River Thames ...

    @ Karen - at the moment it's getting worse all round .. I feel for so many who are suffering so badly ...

    It's interesting we never really discussed history ... but when she was ill we were able to share much - I just wish I'd picked up history earlier ... but thanks to blogging I can to a point catch up.

    You were able to share so much with your mother .. especially when you wrote your memoir book .. that was a real eye-opener to how the west was populated, farmed and nurtured ... and then lost to drought. It was rough being a pioneer in the late 1800s - early 1900s ...

    I would have loved to have my love of history earlier .. but that's the way life turns ... and it's really too late - everyone in the family is just almost too old ...

    Thanks re the photo ...

    @ Inger - Penzance is sadly rather a poor town, but Penwith the countryside around is just amazing .. especially as we have Cornish connections.

    I hope the west coast gets some rain soon .. it sounds as though it will be fairly serious soon ..

    Isn't the sugar aspect interesting .. I must find out how it keeps the concrete from setting so quickly ...

    Wish us all well with our weather ... thanks for commenting - cheers Hilary

  22. That is really bad and scary weather. I hope the conditions improve soon. Please be safe.

  23. Oh my! It's frightening what nature can throw our way. I hope you stay dry and safe. I live on top of a hill, so I know I'd be okay if there was a flood here, but the only way in and out our neighborhood is down at the bottom of the hill. Yikes!

  24. We don't have many storms in Singapore, and when we do, we don't get much damage-- unless you count the one time when the main shopping street, the Orchard Road, was flash flooded.

    Interesting story on the concrete flood, and sugar!

    Stopping by to congratulate you on making Tina's AZ team, you guys will rock the challenge this year :)

  25. @ Murees - we've had a quiet weather night .. but the storms start up again later on .. for some people it's really serious.

    @ Christine - thank you .. I'm fine, but it's just so terrible for others .. and the River Thames is on high alert now ...

    @ Damyanti - I can imagine you have flash flooding at times ... and that perhaps the Monsoon brings in the rains ... but I'm sure your infrastructure is built to cope ...

    Thanks re the concrete flood and sugar .. it's certainly strange, but true!

    Thanks re the A-Z connection .. it'll be fun ..

    Cheers and have good weeks ahead .. Hilary

  26. We're very lucky round here. We've not seen very much rain at all. We seem to be in the band across the middle where the two weather fronts don't meet.

    And I live so far up a hill that Noah will be out before we get a flood.

    The River Trent's well up though. We can see the floody bits from our house - but it's all over gravel quarries, not people's homes, thank goodness.

  27. Sorry you've experienced flooding. The waves look enormous in the picute.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  28. We have severe weather on the way again, too, but not as bad as flooding!

  29. So sorry to hear about the horrible weather. Glad you aren't in the thick of it. We heard about it, but hadn't seen these photos. Nature will work its course, regardless.

    Stay safe, Hilary! We've had it dry and somewhat mild in the Canadian Pacific Northwest in southern British Columbia.

  30. Hi Anne - I think many of us are lucky we're not flooded, yet get affected ... it must be very frightening for those in the potential flood area of the Thames.

    Glad you're safe .. I'm sort of on the way up a hill .. but noticed the flooding was much worse on my way up to London yesterday ..

    @ Andrew - the storms have been horrendous for some - thankfully I haven't really felt affected, I just feel for for everyone ..

    @ Lynn - I think your storms become our wet and it's that creep of the water levels as the water tries to dissipate ...

    @ DG - our weather is also mild and I'd gathered your area in British Columbia was relatively mild too ..

    Exactly as you say: Nature will work its course .. just wish it would change course ...

    Thanks to you all - the level of the River Thames is worrying a lot of people, particularly because it's spilt over already ..

    Let's all stay safe .. Hilary

  31. Yes, sadly, people really are despicable, but then there are people like you, Hilary, and the rest of us are very glad. Terrible weather. Glad you had a nice time seeing the sites where it wasn't so bad.

  32. Hi Joylene .. thankfully there are many many others who are wonderfully helpful ... but the few make life an extra misery in times of great hardship.

    I've been lucky here .. but am aware how much others are suffering ..

    Cheers Hilary

  33. Wow, it is incredible what the rain can do...far worse than the snow and cold over here as we are merely inconvenienced in Central New York where we are relatively equipped to manage. (unlike down south)

  34. Hi Hilary: I have actually been to Penzance and hope the weather problems clear away. And. . .another memory--we visited St. Michael's Mount, both directions, boat and back by foot. Here in Colorado it is very cold, lots of snow in the Mountains, but wait until we have the Spring runoff, hope no horrible flooding like last year. Stay warm and dry.

  35. Such wild weather! Those pictures are terrifying. We simply aren't very equipped when it comes to handling what Mother Nature dishes out.

    You, however, look like you're truly enjoying your time. That's wonderful

  36. Wow. Bit gobsmacked at all you report. This seems an airy bit to focus on in the midst of all this but I just wanted to say, I like your scarf, Hil. It speaks of overcoming.

  37. I agree the weather is really terrible Hilary, Where is all the rain coming from?

    I am one of Arlee Bird's Ambassadors for the A to Z Challenge, noticed your name down and wondered if you have any preparations done yet although only February. I look forward to visiting you during the challenge.
    Yvonne Lewis.

  38. Wow. Blasted storms. They make me nervous. It's snowing here today, Hil. Love, love, love seeing the pictures of you. Beautiful. That selfie is very special, my friend. <3 you!

  39. First of all, I miss your mother and I only knew her through your wonderful words. She must have been so much fun.

    Secondly, I love the photos of you. They are very good.

    Finally, I didn't know about sugar slowing down concrete. I know it slows me down when I eat it. :)

  40. I've been hearing about the weather from my daughter. Last I heard it was now rain, ice and SNOW. I agree about the jet stream...may it move on.

    On the other hand, I love that you found something positive about the situation. Your words, "palaeontologists have been able to explore, photograph, record new fossils and clues from the rock falls, buried forests or 800,000 year old footprints ..."

    This is kind of cool. I'm not sure it totally makes up for the weather situation, but I'm sure the palaeontologists are very happy:~)

    Stay dry and warm:~)

  41. @ Andrea - we are learning fast what water can do; however I gather the ice and snow storms have returned for you - stay safe and dry ..

    @ Nat - what fun to know you've been across to St Michael's Mount .. Penzance Bay is beautiful. Did you know you were walking across a forest? ... the remnants of the trees appear at very low tides, or at storm battered times like these.

    As I said to Andrea above I've just heard about the new snow storms on the eastern side .. and I'm sure in Colorado you have your fair share of snow - I remember last year's run-off floods - they were terrible ...

    @ Lee - it really is wild weather .. and these pictures are fairly benign compared to the weather we've been having since - I knew it was going to get worse. Mother Nature is imposing her will on us ..

    Thanks so much we were having a great time ...

    @ Suze - thanks, the weather has just got worse and the river situation is pretty serious .. Thames valley before it flows through London, then the Severn feeding down from the Welsh mountains into the Bristol Channel.

    Delighted you enjoy the pic of my scarf .. I'm rather fond of it too ..

    @ Yvonne - good to see you and the weather is just dreadful. I know you work on the A-Z with Lee .. that's good and I decided on my theme last year, which I haven't changed.

    @ Robyn - yes the storms are really covering the country. We haven't had cold and snow yet, though they had some further north yesterday. Thanks re the photos ..

    @ Teresa - it's funny how much my mother eased her way into people's consciences even though I didn't write much about her .. I miss her greatly too, as too my uncle .. it's lovely to know you related so much to her - thank you.

    Thanks re the photos ...

    Isn't it extraordinary that sugar slowed the concrete down .. and yes sugar is nice, but not so good as you sadly note!

    @ Sara - the snow spread across the Midlands and the north, I don't think we got it here ... but the hail has been around.

    Your snow and ice storm is likely to come across the Atlantic in the next few days .. we've other storms coming in first .. it never stops: very difficult and very unusual.

    The footprints are the oldest known human footprints outside Africa ... found last year, but reported on 7 Feb 2014 ... also unknown forests, perhaps fish farms/peat digging points were uncovered in Wales in the recent storms ... and new fossils coming out of the rocks on the Jurassic south coast ..

    Thank you to one and all - I'm safe and dry here .. and wish the same for everyone else .. cheers Hilary

  42. Nice to see so many pictures of you.

    Stay warm and dry. We're getting snow here today. What a winter!

  43. Thanks for jarring my senses. I was here and my computer crapped out again and I never got back. I got my new one and the guru is supposed to transfer my info tomorow (fingers crossed)
    First, I delight in seeing you looking so beautiful and happy. I love your scarf. Your lovely god-child has such extraordinary hair color.
    How interesting.... the weather and changes it brings to the earth. Funny, I've just recently been reading about a place in the US.... Rockwall, Texas ... where some fascinating info lies buried deep under the town and has had no organized digs or hardly any exposure. Drilling for water in the 1920's they discovered a man-made 20 mile stone wall, 200 feet under layers of shale. The wall contains stone and material not known for use today. Also found there were shark's teeth and marine fossils dating back perhaps 200,000 years. I could be off on some of this info but I have to go back and study it again. So exciting to read about.
    Love from Manzanita

  44. Oh no! Has blogger eaten my comment? It just disappeared...?
    Trying again...
    Writer In Transit

  45. I also had trouble commenting last night. Sorry that you've been experiencing such extreme weather. The flood damage is unbelievable, as well as the horrible looting. Hope it gets warmer, and everything drys up soon. Great photos! My favorite is the selfie with you, and your lovely god- daughter.


  46. Not all people are despicable, and thank God for it. :)

    It's awful when they are though, and the example you gave is an ugly one.

    The concrete mistake?!?!??! OY OY OY!!!

    I've seen how bad the flooding is, and I'm so sorry to hear it. :(

    We're getting awful snow storms this year. I'm ready for warmer weather this time around for sure!

    Crazy weather...

    Have a good weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  47. So sorry about all the flooding. Hoping it eases soon.

    I did not know about the sugar and concrete thing. It is true, you do learn something new every day!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  48. @ Theresa - many thanks re the pics. Our news this a.m. said you'd had a big dose of snow ... I hope it doesn't make life too difficult. It just doesn't stop raining .. and we have more storms this weekend: poor flood/storm victims.

    @ Manzanita - glad you got a new machine and that you have a guru to help get things sorted out ..

    The scarf is a big success .. and god-daughter with her wonderful hair.

    So interesting to learn about Rockwall ... and its past marine life - that's fascinating. I wonder what else they will find if they can do more excavation, or careful evaluation of the site.

    @ Michelle - sorry blogger lost your comment - but good to see you ... and "Ubuntu" next week - looking forward to that.

    @ Julie - what a pain this commenting thing is .. I lose some of mine too.

    The floods, storms, wind and then all the damage is really quite extraordinary ..

    Good old god-daughter taking her selfie! Thanks Julie ..

    @ Rosey - yes thank goodness not everyone is just out for themselves at the expense of others .. The communities are keeping an eye on their own I'm pleased to say.

    Isn't the concrete mix story a fun (horrible gooey) thought ...

    It's still raining or storming once again .. and I gather your snow storms are pretty bad - they I think turn into our rain storms ... such is life - roll on warmer drier weather ..

    @ Karen - it's going to be interesting to see what happens with the flooding, with the land so sodden and the water having nowhere to go .. I am very glad it's dry down here.

    Isn't the sugar and concrete thing a 'strange but true' story!

    Cheers to you .. Happy Valentine's Day .. and stay safe in the floods, storms and snows - as in Australia safe from the incredible heat ... Hilary

  49. What devastating scenes. I smiled at the sugar on concrete story. I use sugar in my freezing compartment of the fridge as it stops ice forming. Sounds like it has many uses. I can appreciate how your mother would have many tales to tell about extreme weather events of the past..

  50. Hi Juliet - some people are really suffering, there's been so much wind damage, and crashing wave damage .. but I feel for the poor livestock .. the farmers from the rest of the country seem to be rallying round, I'm glad to say ... and the community spirit has risen to the fore.

    I didn't know sugar stops ice in the fridge forming .. interesting: thank you. My fridge-freezer is a frost-free one now ...

    I wonder what my mother would have made of the storms and damage .. but I shall never know in this world ..

    Thanks for visiting .. Hilary

  51. Such nice photos of you, L and god-daughter at thee Caviar House Hilary :)

    Stay dry and safe!

    (Here on the eastern highveld we are having a localised drought. The mielie fields from here east to Belfast are looking very sorry indeed!)

    I'm enjoying the hot, dry weather otherwise:)

  52. Only the lowest of the low would loot and steal, especially following disasters, and from those who have already lost so much.

    You look so chipper in those photos! That colorful scarf looks especially nice on you.

  53. @ Coral - many thanks .. we had a great time. So far we're all staying safe and dry ..

    Oh no droughts in SA are disastrous .. I used to hate seeing mielie fields browning up ..

    I could do with some sun though ..

    @ Susan - sadly there's quite a lot of the lowest of the low - scum of the earth preying on others ...

    Thanks re the photos and the scarf .. gives a bit of brightness .. it is cheery ..

    Lovely to see you both .. Hilary

  54. My heart breaks for those caught in the floods. We are much luckier this side of the country. Stay dry and safe, Hilary. Love your posts, so full of information and entertaining snippets, thanks.

  55. Hi Glynis .. sorry got caught out by your commenting here!

    I sincerely hope the flooding is slowly going down .. and that people can recover. As you say we are much luckier this side of the country, well we were this time ...

    It's the animals I feel for .. and particularly the farmers with their livestock .. so difficult ..

    Thanks for commenting - cheers Hilary